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Here you can read on several success stories and Herbalife testimonials and get motivated to improve your health and your lifestyle. To start leading a healthy active life, it is easier to start with a strong foundation, and a support network can help you create a more fulfilling and successful journey. These Herbalife testimonials can inspire you to achieve your nutritional goals and make the most of the benefits offered by the range of Herbalife products every day.

Herbalife Testimonials


I used to have low energy levels and restlessness, until I met Herbalife. I started to swap my breakfast and dinner with Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, accompanied by Herbal Aloe Concentrated Aloe Vera and Herbal Concentrate throughout the day. Herbalife has been my best companion throughout the last 13 years, which has helped me look and feel better like never before.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SUPPORT: Maverick and Thanaes

As a part-time student, Thanaes was passionate about being in the best of shape and dreams to be a fitness instructor, but doesn’t know where to start from. One day on the streets, he received a flyer on Herbalife from Maverick & Mavis, and decided to give Herbalife products a try. He started on the program, and saw amazing results happening to his body. Soon after, he joined Maverick and his team on the mission to reach out to people who wants to be fitter, healthier and happier.

According to Thanaes, Herbalife has helped him broaden his perspective on how nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle work hand in hand to achieve fitness goals. “I was inspired by the community for its passion to extend a helping hand to those in need,” he said.


Over the past 3 years with Herbalife, ex-stage performers Andy and Sheila has helped numerous customers improves their lives. One of the many people that they have helped was Priya. Being a fellow dance trainer with the couple, Priya did not only achieve her weight gaining goals herself, but has also brought her whole family on board. Since then, her family bonding was stronger than ever.

“The most satisfying part of my Herbalife journey so far was to see how the company and products help people like Priya. Besides gaining the gift of health, she unleashed her potential in leadership throughout her journey with Herbalife,” said Andy. “We are glad that we found a great partner to help more people around us.”

We love improving people’s lives and when you love what you do, you want to share it. It only takes a little initiative and conviction to join the Herbalife Support Network, and this is just a few of the many Herbalife testimonials from people around the world that celebrates health and happiness with Herbalife. These Herbalife testimonials can inspire and motivate you to take the leap to start working for your goals, and you will soon be celebrating your own success, just like any of them.

Herbalife products are crafted with the highest-quality ingredients for you. Every ingredient used in Herbalife products is backed by science and chosen with purpose. We believe that healthy eating, regular physical activity and moderate supplementation to your nutritional gaps is where to begin building towards your goals. Supplement your daily meal with Herbalife products and moderate amounts of exercise.

Herbalife puts in your hands the tools to help you be your best self. We have a community that consists of like-minded people who invest in one thing – helping you achieve your personal health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Independent Herbalife Members will educate, encourage and inspire you towards your goal, and offering personalized programs tailored for you to maximize the efforts and take you there.

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