An Herbalife Expert Review: Advice from Susan Bowerman

How does your breakfast make you feel? Susan Bowerman is the director of Worldwide Nutrition Training at Herbalife, where she is responsible for the development of nutrition education and training materials, and is one of the primary authors of the Herbalife sponsored blog, Discover Good Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian, a board certified specialist in sports dietetics and a fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In this article, Susan will share her Herbalife review on the importance of a healthy and balanced breakfast.

During a busy morning, it is easy and common to neglect your first meal of the day and let breakfast fall low on your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to eat something can really make a difference to the rest of your day. For those who eat breakfast regularly, the phrase “Eat breakfast like a king!” are words to live by. For most of you who skip breakfast, you may find it difficult to register the desire to eat, as your stomach still feels like it is sleeping in.

Susan Bowerman

You may have been asking yourself this question constantly, “Is there anything you can do to start your breakfast habit today?” But figuring out a reason behind your lack of desire for food in the morning can be tricky. Sometimes it is just because you never tried getting into the breakfast routine, and since you manage to pull through your day all the time, you just tell yourself that it is okay to not eat breakfast. Maybe you have a habit of having late-night supper on top of an enormous dinner. Maybe you just rely on a pot of strong black coffee to get yourself going.

If you have not been on a breakfast routine, you most likely have heard kind advices from people around you and all the reasons to break the breakfast-skipping habit. In case you need a reminder, here is a quick review on how having breakfast actually helps you work through your day.

The word breakfast literally means break-fast, as you should have gone a pretty long stretch without eating when you wake up in the morning. However, let us not forget that your body continues tapping into your stored fuel to run your body systems when you sleep. If you do not top up your tank in the morning, you will lack the physical and mental energy you need to get through your day. If you are looking at improving your weight or health, it is also good to know that a breakfast habit is associated with better weight management, while people who skip breakfast is observed to consume more fat, cholesterol, calories and sugar than those who routinely eat breakfast.

If you regularly skip breakfast and would like to change your habit for good, we have put together some useful tips in this Herbalife review to get you started, so you can start eating better and “shine all day.”

Follow Susan Bowerman’s Tips to Help You Get Started

Start small and light

Kickstart your habit with small portions of nutrient-packed foods that is easy to digest. For a start, try having a hard-boiled egg with a piece of your favourite fruit on the side. If you prefer a drink, try a protein shake topped with fruits or a dab of greek yoghurt. Herbalife product, our flagship protein shake is a balanced meal that can be a good option for a light and nutritious breakfast.

Include some protein

Protein is essential in your meals, and is especially important to have plenty in your breakfast so that your meal keeps you satisfied and mentally alert. One study has shown that taking a high protein breakfast can help reduce your evening calorie intake by 200 calories!

Break your meal into small snacks

Have a small appetite in the morning? You do not have to stuff yourself with an entire meal. Sip on your shake throughout the morning, or have your egg first before finishing your fruit on hour or so later.

Get up 15 minutes earlier

An extra 15 minutes in the morning makes a huge difference to your day. Not only you will have time to whip up something quick, you are also giving your system a chance to wake up.

Eat what appeals to you

You don’t have to stick to the typical ‘breakfast food’ if you don’t like it. A few bites of leftover chicken and veggie stir-fry might just do the trick.

Do not rely on just coffee and a muffin

Do you know that this innocent-looking breakfast set could dump more than 700 calories and 6 teaspoons of grease into your system? Instead of compromising your breakfast with a quick fix at the coffee shop to fit into your busy schedule, try preparing a bowl of high-fibre cereal or a serving of whole grain sandwich the night before.
By following the advice of this Herbalife review by Susan Bowerman, you will be able to make breakfast part of your daily diet easily and wake up to an energetic start every day.

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